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What is SALON CCR?

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SALON CCR offers those wishing to invest in art, or decorate their homes, an opportunity to start a collection of artwork at very reasonable prices. Like all ventures into the aesthetic, collectors and enthusiasts need to be guided through the complexities of authentication in order to appreciate that what they purchase is “real” and that it can be placed within a specific time and moment within the artist’s oeuvre. So, SALON offers works on paper (lithographs, limited edition offset lithographs, etchings, linocuts, woodcuts, pochoir, gouache and small paintings along with fine glass that are International in scope), however, the main the focus is mainly on French, German and American works of the Twentieth Century, that are not only well priced, but aesthetically pleasing.

Prints are not reproductions or photocopies. They are designs, drawings or notations that have been committed to stone or scratched onto cooper plate, or carved into linoleum then inks applied to the surface or passed through a screen imparting the artists vision on paper. Once satisfied with the end result, and the surface dries, the artists will go about editioning his work by numbering it (like 4/50). The work may have had the signature within the printed bounds of the work known as signed in the “plate”, or with more expensive pieces, signed by the artist in pencil or coloured maker.

With the works on paper, many of the prints in the Inventory were commissions given to artists to create works for deluxe art journals like Cahiers, Verve, DLM and Noise (the latter published in New York), and other specialist journals, with much of the printing coming from the internationally respected Mourlot Atelier in Paris.


The Mourlot name, particularly spanning the period 1930-1980, was a publishing house that was synonymous with excellence. The works published by this Atelier were made with considered care for catalogues, luxury Art Journals, and Gallery Directors wishing to promote their artists. The Mourlot Atelier printed works by Picasso, Matisse, Villon, Leger, Miro, Calder and Ubac and many more. These names became canonical in 20th Century art history so it is not surprising that the Studio strived for excellence to those who entrusted their plates and stones to the studio. These details can be found on every entry in the Inventory with the Provenance of the work where possible.

NOTE: It is important for collectors and buyers interested in purchasing from SALON to note that some of the lithographs have printed material on the reverse because they were published in deluxe magazines. This does not mean that they are fakes or copies. Artists were approached to produce works for a particular publisher in limited edition, and it is common that these works are often, without a signature, however, this does not detract from the authenticity of the work and is reflected in the reasonable price for these works in the market place.

The Inventory is broad, International in scope and dates mostly from the 20th Century.

WHAT IS A PRINT? Is it the same as a reproduction that I can buy in a gift shop?

The answer is not. Just to clarify see the link below for exactly what is meant by print in the fine art world.



By mid 2018, SALON CCR will add glass to its inventory. SALON is fortunate to be in possession of some very beautiful works of glass. Vases and chargers and a few curios are available in different styles, time periods all made using different methods.

If you want to finish a room, capture light or display floral arrangements, the universality of glass guarantees a stylish result. SALON offers some very impressive pieces of glass to compliment any décor. Many are signed by 20th Century Masters of glass: Lalique, Hogland, Kralik, Bang, Venini, Kosta Boda, Fenton, Sabino, Julien, Hermanns and Barolac. The colours are dazzling: clear blues and sea greens, pinks and reds, with glass making techniques also on display: cameo, pressed, acid etched and overlay, opalescent glass from France, carnival glass from the United States of America, and classic pieces from Scandinavia as well as highly ornate works from Murano, Italy.

Competitively priced, the glass on offer covers many different phases of the modern era, from fabulously anthropomorphic and curvilinear of art nouveau to the more geometrically striking art deco pieces.

Shipping glass can be hazardous, so prices may vary. SALON endeavours to give collectors purchasing from this Inventory a “best price” shipping quote at all times.

FRAMING Custom and Bespoke

Most of the works that are deemed too delicate, fragile or at risk of becoming so are custom framed to the highest archival standards. The nature of this is done in the bespoke manner, that is SALON and the framer decide, (independent of cost to the gallery), on a frame that will best “show” the work and highlight its aesthetic appeal. If a work that you have purchased has not been framed, and a recommendation is done that it should be, a waiting period of 28 days may pass before the work can be sent on.

The end result is, that although your work may be what you believe to be expensive, SALON is certain that you will be more than delighted with the results. Your work will be protected and preserved for life, and will look spectacular.

FRAMING CHARGES on order and wait for delivery

Depending of the nature of the work and how much it is need of protection, framing is often recommended. The charges vary depending on the nature of frame (plain or ornate), however, most of the framing at SALON CCR is bespoke in nature.
Framing ranges from $100 for small works to $500 for larger works. It is rare that any frame will exceed this cost and if it does, SALON will contact you, seek approval, before proceeding. Clients should be aware that a wait time of three to four weeks could apply for a work to be framed. The more elaborate the frame, the more likely the wait will be for clients to receive the work, if, for example, the mold has to be imported to complete the work.

SALON CCR uses Cotham Gallery and Framery in Kew, Senior Art Supplies, in the central business district of Melbourne, and Melbourne and Art Conservation Framers and Gallery, South Melbourne. SALON thanks them for all their careful and well considered work.


If you wish to purchase a work of art form the Inventory online, please EMAIL Salon and Salon will get back to you with an Invoice, for the price of the work and any other charges that the purchase may entail, (GST, Shipping, framing costs if necessary). SALON will endeavor to answer email inquires within 24 hours or less.

Any work sold to a client may be returned in the state it left SALON within 14 days. In the case of the client not being satisfied with the work, the customer bares the cost of postage to return the work. Where there is a fault, tear, chip or crack, or any other defect when the work arrives to the customer, the cost of returning this work to SALON shall be met by gallery. No questions asked.

NOTE: It is important to note that a final inspection and photographing of all works will be conducted before they leave the Inventory for shipping. If a work is damaged or deemed unsaleable, then it will not leave SALON. This attention to detail ensures client satisfaction.

All works for sale have been reproduced for customer perusal. Sometimes the quality of the photograph may not accurately capture the colours. Salon asks all customers to bare this in mind when choosing works for purchase.

All prices listed are in Australian Dollars (AUS), so customers are asked to consider this when making a purchase.

Purchase can be ONLY made through International Wiring. On email request, an Invoice will be sent to you with the amount for the work of art purchased and the Banking details required to pay for the work. Once your transaction clears, the work will be shipped to you. This will take place usually 72 hours (3 days) after purchase unless a frame is ordered to house the work. Then payment or part payment can be negotiated.

NOTE: All Invoices sent to clients will have the necessary details needed to complete the transaction.


All clients should purchase with the knowledge, that their privacy is of paramount importance.

Salon promises not to disclose or impart the private information of clients re: financial, residential, familial, or personal, to any other parties, databases whatsoever.

Furthermore, it is the right of Salon not to disclose the origin (gallery or auction House) or ‘wholesale’ price for the works found in the Inventory.

Buyers are permitted to make offers, however, it is the right of Salon to refuse if the offer is deemed unacceptable.


Every artwork in the Inventory has been carefully catalogued. This means that the work has been researched and details recorded with regards to maker, materials, date and nationality. Consideration has been given on many occasions as to what the work may ‘mean’ or what narrative it is trying to convey. This is where art history becomes invaluable. Collectors will find details on works that place those objects into an appropriate socio-historic context while offering an interpretation. When art historians and curators “read” the surface of a work for stylistic and historical detail, this practice is known as iconography and this is one of the tenets art history.

NOTE: With regard to a request to appraise or research: SALON reserves the right to REFUSE TO work on a collection or offer advice on THE SAME if it is believed to be in the best interest to both parties OR if the collection or the object concerned falls outside of SALON’s considered knowledge OR that appropriate time could not be spent on the work.

Waiting periods for appraisal may occur.

Additional notes


Salon also offers works that have been hand signed and dated by the artist. There are many of them in the Inventory, some that are rare, some that have been republished for deluxe magazines, or created especially for a particular edition that have been signed “in the plate”. Some of these works Salon considers “important”. What does this mean? In standard art history parlance, a work is significant to a particular artist’s oeuvre, or body of work because it marks a turning point, or reflects a moment of change or chronicles an event of significance that influences their art and their career. This may be for the any one or more of the following reasons:

  • a particular event in their lives of a professional
  • the founding of a new artistic movement or significant contribution to that movement
  • reflect a change in artistic style or use of materials to convey their intentions
  • personal, like familial, spousal or psychological event has occurred and was deemed worthy of celebration
  • it may be about protest, a reminder of political oppression, or as a result of social change brought about by unforeseen pressures etc.
  • In addition, the work has been exhibited a number of times prior to, or after its sale, thereby gaining a profile in its own right (fame). Such activity is recorded in catalogues disseminating the work as significant in the artist’s canon
  • Subsequently, the number of times a painting has been published in art historical journals, Post Graduate theses, or catalogues increases its importance as a work that stands out from the others in the artist’s oeuvre
  • previous ownership of the work contributes to a work as important-the more sought after, whether it be rare or universally acknowledged as a “masterpiece” is highly subjective

All of these reasons contribute to the label important, and none stand alone. At no point is price ever mentioned…that comes later!

It should be noted that Salon adheres to these standard definitions, however, reserves the right to suggest other reasons the term may apply. Just because a work is available and is reasonable in price, for example, there is no reason that it cannot be considered important.


A Standard Consulting Fee (SCF) includes a visit to your home if need be, appraisal of the work and preliminary documentation of the work as it enters the Inventory for sale or for research purposes if necessary. This fee will be capped at $250AUS and is a once off fee. All follow up calls, emails, texts and initial documentation (assessment of the collection given to the owner), is included in that fee. This fee is payable regardless of whether the work is sold or not. PLEASE NOTE: Multiple works or a collection of considerable size amount may increase the fees, however, this will and can be negotiated during preliminary discussions.

At the end of the consultation, a client or perspective may want to have a work or works researched. The fee for research varies depending on the collection or collections.

Fees are payable on the day of consultation via Credit card or cash. Cheques cannot be accepted.


Anyone is welcome to contact Salon if they believe they are in possession of a work of art or a piece of glass that they wish to sell.

Prior to the launch of another online exhibition, you are invited to sell your work online with Salon. You may have in your possession a very fine Kandinsky, for example, and wish to have this work appraised and placed with Salon for it to be sold. Salon will undertake research and care of your work while it is online and in our possession for photography condition reporting etc. Works will remain in the inventory from 8-24 weeks at no cost to you.

If a work belonging to another party, like the aforementioned (consignment) is sold by Salon then a Standard Consignment Fee will apply. This is a percentage of the cost of the sold item and that percentage has been determined to be 25% of the sale price. If the work is recalled by the vendor for any given reason OR is not sold, NO FEE APPLIES.

It should be noted that many commercial galleries charge up to 40 % for the sale of their works; SALON does not!


Shipping costs, are the costs of sending or couriering purchased items to a client (also known as the buyer, purchaser or collector). These costs are to be met by the client. SALON will always endeavour to provide clients with the most reasonable rates available for the type of packaging and postage costs required to ensure the item/s arrive safely and in the best possible condition. SALON will use, unless the client requests otherwise, Australia POST. For sales within the Melbourne Metropolitan Area, a Courier (yet to be determined) will be used and the charge of this service will be billed to the client. Alternatively, “local” collectors may wish to come and pick up the parcel from Salon and avoid all charges. Salon asks that this arrangement be prefaced with an email or phone call advising as such.

SALON will not conceal, hide or make ambiguous any cost of the work in terms of charges made, or abrogate responsibility for a work in its care, whatsoever to the client. This cost may be in the form of an appraisal or in a sale of a work. All charges are transparent. Responsibility belongs SALON. That is a promise.

If a work is to be framed at the buyers request a small handling charge will apply to cover the transport cost to and from the framers of $50 and this will be added onto the framing charges.


Salon prices all works based on trends in the art market, specifically in the United States and the European market. Clients to Salon are reminded that this online gallery specialising in affordable art that has been sourced from galleries and collectors almost exclusively from these regions of the globe.

Salon uses Auction data-bases from all over the world to assist in arriving at a price that is reasonable and competitive.

Clients must bear in mind:

  • exchange rates at the time of the original transaction was between the vendor and Salon
  • the cost of postage / shipping and insurance(s) incurred as a result
  • the amount of time spent ensuring the appropriate documentation and research has taken place reflected with an appropriate level of professional practice and advice
  • when necessary, research may require expertise that requires Salon to privately seek consultation to ensure accurate attribution and assist in pricing and overall client satisfaction

There will be times when clients may wish to purchase an item they consider overpriced in SALON’S Inventory. If this is the case, please feel free to contact Salon and make an offer! SALON would be happy to assist you in finding ways to obtain a work that interests you. Clients are advised that a refusal to lower the price of a work remains the right of SALON and is by no means meant to offend.


There is little doubt that there are times when the practice of buying work of art scan be hazardous. There is evidence both anecdotally at least, that fakes and copies exist and are being marketed and people all over the world are paying for something that is not what they thought it was. It would be easy to apply the buyer beware tag, here, at Salon it is hoped that you will not have to! People involved in working at Salon, or are asked to curate, write, organise, advise or curate online exhibitions. They are trained art historians and curators with appropriate University qualifications in Fine Arts / Art History with art administration and commercial gallery experience.

Vincenzo J. Piscioneri, Director, SALON CCR International Works on Paper, Paintings, and Fine Glass
B.A. (Hons), B.Litt. Post Grad Dip Cur Stud., M.A., Dip Ed.


Salon may be my labour of love, however, it would never would be made possible without the assistance of my brother and his wife, Michael and Cathy. Sharing in this and “wanting to help” was the matriarch, and loyal supporter, now sadly passed, Colleen. Always remembered. Close friend Dr. Jane Keech, whose knowledge and advice is always appreciated. To web designer Emile Akbarzadeh for completing the project on time and within budget while under enormous time constraints. A wonderful job… so thank you!


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