Helping Hand

Salon CCR believes in helping organisations that help others; organisations that seek to protect and nurture, and make the world we live in safer and healthier. These organisations make a difference and they do so without us even knowing it. This is regardless of the work, the risk, the cost, the time. For this reason, two institutions stand out and have long been admired for the work they do to help others: The Country Fire Authority-Victoria and the Royal Women’s Hospital, both headquartered in Melbourne. They, through the nature of their work, often fearless and courageous is where SALON CCR channels its support.

Where would we be without The Country Fire Authority-Victoria and The Royal Women’s Hospital?

SALON CCR thanks the Men the Women, the Grandfathers and Grandmothers, fathers, mothers, husbands and wives, partners, sisters, brothers, friends and colleagues who work at the Royal Women’s Hospital and the Country Fire Authority.

SALON CCR will donate the value of 2 art works per year, one for each beneficiary, and donate the amount raised from an online auction in full.

Bid and bid knowing that you are helping those who help others.