(After) Matisse

Portrait of a Woman



Matisse, Henri b. 1869 Le Cateau-Cambresis, France d. 1954 Nice, France

Portrait of a Woman

, signed lower right ‘H Matisse’ numbered lower left 19/35, 1948 Pochoir in colours Wove 24.8 x 19 cm Stable with no attenuation in colours Les Editions Braun & Cie, Paris, France, 1948


: Although made outside of his Nice period, worth reading is; https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/30db/c135c0f69b886902bbefd891d61547923b1c.pdf and his PhD dissertation on Orientalism that discusses women as an integral part of the landscape;


, The Educational and Aesthetic Values of Henri Matisse’s Islamic Experience, University of Sydney, Faculty of Education, 2011



Executed stylistically to emulate painting, pochoirs were estate sanctioned reproductions of paintings and drawings made using the stencil as the means of construction. This work is a pochoir of one the many representations Matisse made of women: from those adorning the Parisian Salons to the many faces of Mme Matisse, women of the Orient and the Carribean, dated from 1948, this impressive work continues Matisse’s interest in spreading his art to the masses via art journals. This stencil is meticulous in the rendering of the female form, this time seated in a palour within a domestic space. Limited to an edition of only 35, this pochoir is signed and although the signature looks to be that of the Fauvist master, Salon reserves judgement here pending further research on the artist’s signature.