Holzschnitt fur XXe Siecle



Kandinsky, Wassily b.1866 Moscow, Russia d. 1944 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

Signed in the block lower left, 1939, published in limited edition of no more than 1000 copies Woodcut in colours Fine wove 24.5 x 31.7 cm There is yellowing of the paper consistent with age, with the holes in the top edge of the paper confirming that the work was once bound in the journal. Such “damage” to the ground (paper) should be seen in a more positive light: it does authenticate the work as being “original”. Published in Paris for the art review journal, XXe Siecle, (Issue no. 5-6) Paris France,1939




Published by Roethel in his respected tome on Kandinsky, this is perhaps the most sought after work by the artistic genius that has not been signed by hand. Given that his was published just prior to the outbreak of WWII, it is surprising that many survived. This present work has wear and signs of handling to the margin’s outer edges. There are 6 holes at the top of the image indicating how the work was sown or stapled into the pages. This, as noted above, should be seen as a means of authenticating the work. It is known that 600 copies of this woodcut were bound for the United states for release. The shipment did not arrive, making this woodcut even rarer than first thought casting doubt on the ‘true’ numbers of this exquisite woodcut that remains extant today.