Violette Interferenz im Rot



Fruhtrunk, Gunter b. 1923, Munich Germany, d.1982, Munich, Germany

Violette Interferenz im Rot

, unsigned, (after the painting, 1964), 1969 Screenprint in colours, edition unknown, however, likely to be less than 1000 Heavy wove……….measurement here Excellent condition


: See and a biographical pdf online text, Private Collection, 1998


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This small silkscreen highlights the aesthetic appeal Fruhtrunk extolled via his large, geometric constructions, painted with simplicity and boldness of colour. In this small adaptation of a painting from 1964, the inks that cover the blackness of the wove appear to be velvet like in both appearance and touch. Perhaps Fruhtrunk is commenting on surface values, or the physicality of art as a construction to convey a narrative: socially self-reflexive and imbued with the ideas that the weak is over powered by another force, or conversely, both forces living in some kind of symbiosis in order for creativity to be fulfilled. Either way, unique to Fruhtrunk’s work is the inner life his geometric abstractions emanate.