(After) Wesselmann

"Look at..." Great American Nude # 90



Wesselmann, Tom


“Look at…” Great American Nude # 90, 1968, Unknown number in poster edition


Offset Lithograph with typeset on the lower right and along the upper right of the edge of the poster.


Poster print, 96 x 67.3 cm approximately


Very good. Some creasing to the edges of the work, particularly in the mid lower section of the sheet

Realisation / Publication:

Published as an offset lithograph by Galerie Thomas, Munich, 1968

Reference / Literature:

see Phillips, Art Auction Day, Contemporary Art, New York, September 2013


Private dealer, USA


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Made without authorisation to promote the work of pop artist Tom Wesselmann at Galerie Thomas in Munich, this offset lithograph, committed to thin paper was made and distributed with what appears to be a degree of success. The controversy surrounding, this, arguably Wesselmann’s best nude, has been cited in another catalogue entry with the same name. What was not discussed was that the artist chose his wife, Claire, to be the model. In believing that sex was an important part of life, Wesselmann continued to paint the series of Great American Nudes until he reached number 100, then ceased, only to revisit aspects of the human form and the relationship this had to sexuality, in lips, hands and breasts; sometimes gaping, protruding, smoking; a kind of visual synecdoche that would have been at home in Russian realist cinema of the 1920s. Wesselmann transformed the nude into fetish; a fitting way to end the 1960s and solidify the sexual revolution, that, had taken place alongside the raging war in Vietnam, in the eyes of the American people.

NOTE: The paper is thinner than the deluxe offset produced in smaller numbers, a number of 100 is likely, is WITHOUT the print, hence the poster becomes a more affordable option. What is remarkable about this image is that is nearly mint in condition. Considering that it was produced, and presumably made to post on billboards for public view and to promote the gallery and its star artist, so it is rare to get one in this condition.