de la Fresnaye

The Entrance to the Village


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de la Fresnaye, Roger b.1885d.1925


The Entrance to the Village, c. 1970, signed in the stone lower right


Lithograph in colours


Arches vellum 65 x 50 cm


Very good considering that the work is nearly 50 years old.

Realisation / Publication:

published by the Mourlot Atelier, 1970

Reference / Literature:

for a discussion on the Symbolist movement in art see


Private Collector, Germany



de la Fresnaye’s life was over before it even began. This is certainly the case for his artistic career, and like Juan Gris, another artistic genius, his oeuvre was curtailed. Who knows what this innovative cubist with symbolist predilections could have created. This work is painterly in its representation of the landscape and subject matter. The tonal variations seen in the shadowing and the in the cloudscape are symptomatic of the symbolist bent of de la Fresnaye when creating this work. Originating from the distaste for convention that some artists harboured for and the rigidity of form inherent in spoken and written language, poets like Mallarme and Baudelaire sought to capture moments in time, however fleeting, like sensations, feelings, somewhat spiritually, and drawing on these emotions, regardless of how difficult this would be to emulate in their work by applying a less formal structure to their art. In the graphic arts, the use of line made way for curves and undulations and hues blurred into one another. In this lithograph, the rigidity that one would observe in a cubist de la Fresnaye is absent in the softer edges and the clashing colours used to depict, in this instance, a village, whose certainly as a geographic reality is not assured, hinted to by its obscurity at the end of the road that veers, suddenly, to the left, revealing some, but not all of a what is, presumably at the end of the journey.