Flowers in a vase


This work is sold


Dureuil, Michel b. 1929 France


Oil paint


Canvas 28 x 22 cm


The frame has unfortunately been damaged over the years. The painting itself appears to be in reasonable condition. The canvas is stable, so too is the stretcher. There is no paint loss only moderate craquelure

When this painting entered the Inventory, it possessed all the hallmarks of a painting from the late 19th century. The date 62 seemed to confim the painting had age and the overly ornate and damaged frame with its foliate molding was a reminder of how small pictures were like this were in demand.  Such works and their subject matter, were in demand to decorate the homes of the rising bourgeoisie. The painting itself is in reasonable condition, with craquelure evident in areas where possible painting techniques were used, (like thinners to achieve a desired result), have resulted in extreme dryness (see Illustration). Where the paint has been thickly applied, a la impasto, the work retains a freshness and vibrancy in both colour and composition. 

As for the painter, the artist who signed the work, was discovered to be Michel Dureuil, b. 1929, a French painter of moderate success in the mid Twentieth century. His signature was discovered by accident perusing an online inventory in America, on another flowerpiece auctioned some three years later in another part of the United States. The date restored to a more reasonable (19) 62.